Fleetwood in Bloom Poppy Remembrance

Martin Gardner posted on Apr 4 2018

A row of Poppy Rememberance crosses

Fleetwood in Bloom are organising a Poppy Remembrance day on Sat 21st April

This year Fleetwood Museum are asking residents to paint a poppy in memory of a loved one lost at sea, at war or a family member who was seagoing. A poem called ‘We Must Remember Them’ has been written by Margaret one of our trustees and is a poignant tribute to those lost. Come along on Saturday 21st April between 11-1pm.Your Poppy will be displayed on the ‘Harriet’ our national registered vessel.

• Paint your poppy on the base (raised part) and around the petals (see sample)

• When it is dry – place on the base & paint the black centre using the brush to ‘stipple’ the edge of the black centre (see sample)

• Write your memory message on the tag to display with your poppy



We Must Remember Them

This is our humble tribute

To those brave men one and all

That left their homes in Fleetwood

To answer Kitchener’s call

When Britain was in earnest

They fought to keep her free

And gave their lives in thousands

Plain folk like you and me.

There were older men of fifty

And lads not sixteen years

But they stood together facing

Wars horrors and their fears

They were not trained as soldiers

But it mattered not a jot

To serve their king and country

Was their fates chosen lot

We never can repay them

No matter what we do

But we ever should remember

They died for me and you.