Space Centre gives thanks to LINK-MAG for support

Had some great feedback today, LINK-MAG does more than just advertise businesses: On behalf of the Space Centre I wish to thank the Link-Mag for all the help and support they have given to the charity during 2013. With the kindness of Martin Gardner –Managing Director advertising our events we have generated £1,000’s of pounds to purchase equipment for Space 2. Space is the largest Multi-Sensory Room in England for children & adults with special needs and they come from our local area but also from many areas around the country. My thanks to your readers who have been generous also in organizing events and sending in donations to Space. Our CHRISTMAS CARDS ARE NOW AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE. The magazine is the best of its kind, full of really good business contacts (to which I have used personally) and have been exceedingly happy with the work they have done. With THE LINK-MAG dropping through our doors on a regular basis free of charge this is a wonderful service given my Martin to many people in many areas. Congratulations to everyone who helps put the magazine together. Hilary Holden Fund Raising Co-Ordinator The Space Centre 01772 769391