Argentine Tango and the Art of Fire make an explosive return to Blackpool

Martin Gardner posted on Oct 26 2017

On Friday 27 October, the final night of the Festival@LightPool, which takes place during the Blackpool Illuminations from 25-27 October, will see a brand new production of ‘Amor’ by Bilbobasso, the international company that brought an explosive mix of fire, passion, street theatre and dance to last year’s festival.

AMOR tells the story of a couple with years of marriage under their belt, and now their tenderness is made up of cruelty and violence. Today, on the edge, they can’t get close without murdering each other. The smallest thing can ignite the situation.

In fact everything ignites in their home! Cooking, laundry, vacuuming: all these activities and everyday objects find themselves in the middle of a real domestic and unpredictable bullfight where flame, smoke and coloured flying sparks transform an all-too-common situation into a stunning, giant firecracker.
This show is a comedy, a fight, a duel. It’s unpredictable, crazy, playful, savage and tenacious. You’ll never quarrel the same way again!
Alex Rinsler, Director of Festival@LightPool said, “Last year, Compagnie Bilbobasso ignited St John’s Square with Polar. We’re delighted to welcome them back to the UK with their new show Amor, a firey love story we can all relate to.”
AMOR starts on the Tower Festival Headland at 5pm where the Worldbeaters drummers will lead spectators through the town centre to St John’s Square (outside the Winter Gardens) where Bilbobasso will deliver another sensational outdoor performance. Immediately after the show, the drummers will lead spectators back to the headland for a festival finale by AFISHAL.
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AMOR by Bilbobasso has been brought to the Festival@LightPool by LeftCoast and VisitBlackpool through the Coasters Touring Network.